Relationship Map To Happy, Lasting Love


Discover how to cultivate a happy, healthy, lasting connection that continues to strengthen and develop over time.

Dr. Jessica Higgins offers her expertise in this easy to use, one page Relationship Map.

The Relationship Map To Happy, Lasting Love gives you:

  • A beautiful visual of the 5 stages of intimacy in relationship, which will help you gain a better understanding of how long-term intimacy is developed.
  • A brief desciption of each stage, so that you can explore your current stage and what might be getting in the way of experiencing more love and connection within your relationship.
  • The goal of each stage, so that you can focus your efforts and attention on what is most important, which will help you achieve the type of relationship and connection you desire more easily and quickly.  
  • The essential skills, qualities, and characteristics that are needed to develop, which will also help you navigate challenges more skillfully and effectively.

Yes, I Want Happy, Lasting Love!